Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's been a long time...

Now, I am back from an extremely loooooooooooooong hiatus. And I'm happy to tell you that my typing speed has increased very much from the first time I wrote this blog.  XDDD

First of all, I'm going to update you guys on my current age in 2015. I'm officially 16 on the previous May 12th *claps claps* which also means that  I'm in form 4. Still studying in SMAP Labu (or I prefer to call it Federal Islamic School of Labu, just to make it sounds more prestigious hehe) and I'm studying killer Science subjects --> Physics, Biology, Chemistry and AddMath. So, can you guess in which stream I am enrolling right now?

Naturally developing the 'swag'ness as time passed by

I am very grateful to be granted with a 'quick-to-catch-with-the-lessons' ability. Y'know... studying in Science stream requires more than just a great effort.

Now that I would love to tell you that I've just discovered the real side and interest of me now that I'm matured enough as you call it Sweet 16 babe...

  1. I love to write (in English)... if any of you reading this post happened to be related to a publishing company, do contact me juseyo
  2. One third of my life is revolved around Korean language in which I learned informally, learning by myself, shall I say... to the extent there were a few times when I had a dream in fully Korean language (without subtitles) 
  3. I would like to further my studies in medical field, O&G to be specific. 
  4. I am beginning to develop an extreme concern towards my absolutely-not-flawless skin. Which also indicates that I've grown up as a normal teenager
  5. And many more... =D
I'm going back to school a few hours from now. Huhu, I'll try to update as much as possible *while removing the spider webs in this blog*

Updating you with some of my happy moments:

Happy Ramadan al-Mubarak~